sustainability with sun plastics

The Benefits of Sun Capabilities

As a modern, forward-thinking company, Sun Plastics focuses not only on premium quality but also on product innovation and development. Sun Plastics dedicates its time to producing the most technologically advanced materials. Read their latest blog detailing the benefits of what they offer.

Lamination & Print

Colour plays a significant role in the perception of your product or designs. Based on colour psychology, each colour can trigger different emotions and prompt different actions. Therefore, the design and quality of the print are essential. It needs to be both visually striking and appealing to the eye. This is to ensure that a product can compete with its competitors. With the help of the biggest packaging designers on the continent as well as a 10-colour Uteco printing machine, Sun Plastics can do your product the justice it deserves.

Additionally, we produce laminates for added barrier properties and product quality, and to prevent ink migration into the packed goods. So, whether you require mono-layer print or multi-layer laminates, Sun Plastics can offer the best options for your product applications.

Biodegradable or Recyclable

There are various ways in which sustainability can be analysed that can be extremely complex. For example, one may source a product that is cost-effective but is imported from China, or a product that is marketed as a green alternative but requires specific waste management processes. In this case, we find that unpacking this complexity while producing high-quality products creates great value for our customers.

The goal is to meet our customers’ requirements within an industry that seeks to move towards a greener economy. Which is where we are starting to see growth. The biodegradable additive that we use would not activate within the recycling stream, therefore, Sun Plastics can offer both biodegradable and recyclable mono-layer variants. These can be plain or printed and support the recyclability of plastic while also addressing waste management issues when the materials find their way into the natural environment.

Hidden Costs

From experience, we have found that the cost of packaging is an important factor – if not the most important – when choosing between potential suppliers. In most scenarios, imports are very competitive but should only be viewed by this characteristic. The reason is that one cannot claim to address environmental concerns when imports are favoured over the same materials being produced closer to home.

The same logic would also mean that quality/application cannot be claimed as the top priority. Especially if generic packaging is favoured over innovation (i.e., biodegradable). Even if there is a slight increase in material cost, addressing the hidden costs of environmental degradation makes biodegradable or recyclable products a lot more valuable.

To illustrate this effectively, one would only have to look at the rate of biodegradability in comparison to generic packaging. If one had to use the same volume of both variants for 5 years (e.g., 100MT per year), the waste of generic packaging would equate to 500MT or 100%, while the biodegradable material would be around 100MT or 20% after 5 years.

Understanding the industry and knowing exactly what you’re getting is important. With over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing of flexible packaging in Southern Africa, Sun Plastics is the company to keep you informed. Get in touch with them for high-quality packaging solutions.