Sun Plastics has established itself as a genuine leader in the dairy industry

Sun Plastics has established itself as a genuine leader in the local production of barrier film for the cheese and dairy industry. After sufficient R&D over the last few years, we have begun to see significant return in our efforts as well as the knowledge acquired throughout this process. It has been our mission to become the leader in barrier film within Southern Africa, which has started to materialize through the success we have experienced with our films for cheese packaging applications.

Development in the dairy industry

Sun Plastics offers a basket of packaging options which is integral to the entire cheese production process. This includes materials for the maturation stage, cheese cutting and packaging, as well as automated or manual vacuum packaging of grated or artisanal products. Although there have been some hurdles along the way, we relish the opportunity to tackle and overcome challenges in that it can only improve the way we conduct business. In fact, it has highlighted certain areas that we have improved (e.g., premium plate design and material constructions), processes that we have streamlined, as well as customer concerns that we have addressed. It is evident that we have all the right elements in place to add tremendous value in this market: technical expertise, localized production, machinery/infrastructure, logistics, and customer service to name a few.

However, this success is not enjoyed alone. Our collaboration and partnerships with key players in this market has also played a significant role. For example, certain steps are required to ensure that the transition process is seamless and that we are offering superior service.

The steps include:

  • Trials for sealing and material integrity
  • Road trials to approve barrier properties
  • Regular meetings and follow-ups to track progress/address issues
  • Live approvals on production and printing quality
  • Consistent dedication to problem-solving and customer service

With the vision of management, the cooperation with marketing, and the production team’s time and energy, we have been able to quickly identify their needs and the issues they face. As a result, we have offered a solution that saves our clients both time and money, while building a strong professional relationship in the process.