sunplastics marketing programme

Sun Plastics has been proudly active in a marketing programme for the past two years

Sun Plastics has been proudly active in a marketing programme for the past two years, which we trust has created valuable content for our audience as well as providing us with additional market research. As such, we do not solely believe that marketing is a tool for increasing sales but that conducting research and driving product development will create value. This, in turn, will establish opportunities for partnerships with product manufacturers and our combined efforts will be rewarding for the plastic packaging industry.

Growth through digital marketing

As a leading packaging manufacturer in Southern Africa, we have always had very strong professional relationships with our customers. However, we felt that for us to grow – as individuals and as a company – we would have to expand the boundaries of our growth potential. That means innovating our capabilities, incorporating a sustainability agenda, and increasing an online audience. Essentially, we strive to become more than a company that maintains industry norms; we aim to become a company that improves them. Therefore, a marketing programme was initiated so that we could visually (or digitally) represent Sun Plastics as the world-class operation they are in terms of production and service. It also gives us a platform to share industry news and trends (e.g., biodegradable, EPR levy, international trade), through our experience and perspective as a manufacturer in this industry.

The marketing programme includes but is not limited to:

  • A new website, which is continuously updated and improved
  • Relevant blog posts (like the one you are reading now)
  • LinkedIn articles and posts
  • Research into sustainability trends (biodegradable and recyclable materials) 
  • Increasing online presence and networking

While a marketing programme may be created from within an organisation or company, it would only be of any significance with an audience to interact with. Therefore, if you have any questions or any concerns regarding your flexible packaging requirements, then Sun Plastics will happily explore the perfect solution for you.