3 reasons you should choose sun plastics

3 Reasons to choose Sun Plastics for your packaging solutions

Since its founding in 2018, Sun Plastics has been providing clients with the best sustainable and flexible packaging solutions. Sun Plastics works with precise attention to detail, doing the utmost to ensure that you receive high-quality packaging solutions. Keep reading to learn more about the business, the team and three reasons why you should choose Sun Plastics.

1. Who is Sun Plastics?

Meet the team

Our team is made up of people who dedicate their time to producing sustainable and flexible packaging solutions. They work from various locations. We also offer exceptional service to all our valued customers.


Akash Patel is the CEO of the company, Sanjay Patel is our production manager who ensures production runs smoothly, and Parixit Dandiwala is in charge of the accounts. These members are a big part of the team that are connected to our main company, which is based in Botswana. 

Tanya Prophet is the heart of the operation in her role as warehouse and admin manager. She holds a bachelor’s degree (B. Soc. Sc.) in Psychology and Sociology.


Iain Mackintosh is responsible for sales & new business development. With over 30 years of experience in marketing and sales, he has a passion for business development. He is therefore constantly looking for ways to improve business processes and systems where possible.


Berenice Smith is our Key Account Manager with 35 years of professional experience. She believes that working with strong brands has given her insight into world-class business systems.

Tertius Vivier is a Key Account Manager with over 10 years’ experience, and has extensive knowledge within the packaging industry. He prides himself on his customer service, which is complimented by his own work ethic, Sun Plastics’ premium quality capabilities, as well as our competitive pricing.


Storm Smith is a business management and marketing professional. He finds personal and professional development significant in his life, which has led him to pursue a degree in psychology and philosophy. 

These are the people behind the scenes who work hard to maintain the goal of global solutions for sustainable packaging.

2. The mission/vision of Sun Plastics

Mission Statement

With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing flexible packaging in Southern Africa, Sun Plastics runs on the SMART philosophy. This stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound. As mentioned above, there is a dedicated team that works hard behind the scenes to produce the most technologically advanced materials. They offer exceptional service to all valued customers and maintain the goal of global solutions for sustainable and green packaging.

Sun Plastics has on-site labs with the ability to conduct various tests. These include testing the bond and seal strength to ensure all customers receive only the highest quality product by BRC global standards.

Company Vision

Sun Plastics’ goal is to provide you with the best materials. As a modern, forward-thinking company Sun Plastics focuses on premium-quality, through product innovation and development. Therefore, the value gained from a continuous R&D programme is significant.

Sun Plastics offers clients efficient and cost-effective material constructions, while addressing environmental concerns surrounding plastic production and waste management. The vision is to become a leader in bio-adaptable or ‘full circle’ materials, improving the quality and efficacy of barrier film within the Southern African market.

3. Sun Plastics provide only the best products

Thermoforming Film

Sun Plastics’ specialty barrier films are suitable for dairy & poultry products, fresh meats, fish & marine products, vegetables & fruits, dry fruits & nuts and ready meals. With thermoforming films, you have two different options. One is a lidding film, which comes in a range of high-performance PA/EVOH-based 7-layer barrier film that is either plain or printed. The other is a base film with a PA/EVOH/PE/any customization-based 7-layer flexible barrier film for thermoforming applications.

Laminating Packaging

Sun Plastics’ lamination films are engineered to maximise packaging performance on the wide range of converting and food-processing equipment found in today’s marketplace.

Vacuum Bags

There is a wide range of high barrier PA/EVOH-based 7-layer co-extruded pouches for vacuum packaging applications. Suitable for block cheese, poultry, fresh meats, fish & marine products, vegetables & fruits, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals. 

Laminated Rolls and Pouches

We make our barrier and non-barrier films using a 7-layer film. We laminate them with PET, BOPP, METPET, METBOPP and aluminium foil. These are available in pouches and/or rolls for FFS machines, cut to your requirement,.

Shrink Wrap Packaging

The shrink wrap packaging is economical and gives you strong protective solutions suitable for food industry and non-food industry products.

Sun Plastics has the expertise to offer you the best in flexible, cost effective packaging. Now you know a little more about the team and what the company stands for. Contact us for all your packaging needs.