We offer a range of high-performance PA/EVOH based 7-layer barrier film in laminated or plain film options. These high barrier films are ideally suited as lidding films on ready-made trays, as well as top webs on all thermoformfill-seal lines. This technique adds an advanced barrier layer that maintains product freshness while optimizing shelf life.



  • High puncture resistance, hot tack & sealing property
  • Extended product shelf life and preventing freezer burn
  • A wide range of oxygen transmission rates, for an increased shelf life
  • High barrier properties against gas & moisture
  • Available in varied thicknesses as well as in thin film options
  • Makes products look premium in retail showcase due to: clear & anti-fog film
  • Quick sealing properties for faster machine speeds and higher output
  • Film available in modified atmospheric packaging (map) options
  • Easy peel and anti-fog options are available
  • High, medium and low barrier options are available


  • WIDTH: 250mm – 1500mm
  • THICKNESS: 35-100µ
  • STRUCTURE: Plain & Printed PET Laminated with PE/PA/EVOH Film
  • PRINT: 1 -10 Colors (PET Laminated/Plain)

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