Our biodegradable products are manufactured using the most innovative bio-engineered additive, which has addressed all the concerns associated with the obsolete oxo-degradable technology.

Therefore, it does not fragment into micro-plastics but rather enables polymer based plastic packaging to completely bio-transform and return to the environment as natural elements. This is the first time that we have an additive that allows complete bio-transformation back to nature without harmful waste.


  • Transforms plastic into 100% natural elements (process called biotransformation)
  • Recyclable up to 5 times
  • Applied as an additive during extrusion under current production methods
  • Additive has underdone comprehensive testing and is considered “environmentally friendly”
  • More affordable and efficient in relation to other sustainable solutions


  • STRUCTURES: Recycled PE
  • THICKNESS: 18 – 20µm
  • WIDTH/LENGTH: 750 mm x 950 mm
  • PRINT: Black

The additive has undergone several tests (anaerobic and aerobic) and is considered an environmentally friendly biodegradable material. The tests include:

  1. ASTM D5338-98/ISO 14852 aerobic biodegradation under controlled composting
  2. ASTM 5209-92/aerobic biodegradation, in the presence of municipal sewage sludge
  3. ASTM 5525-94a/anaerobic biodegradation under accelerated land fill conditions
  4. ASTM D5511/ISO DS15985 anaerobic biodegradation under all climatic conditions
  5. ASTM G-21/22 culture test using fungus Apergillus niger 6.
  6. Toxicity test (OECD guideline 207) for soil and earthworm rich environments

We can produce packaging solutions within these specifications:

  • THICKNESS: 30 – 90µm
  • WIDTH: Up to 2000mm roll width
  • PRINT: Up to 10 colours
  • CONVERSION CAPABILITES: Rolls or bags/pouches

Sustainability and waste management does not end here. Everyone can make a huge impact by adopting good habits at home and ensuring waste ends up in the right place. We know that identifying different plastics can be tricky, so we have created a basic infographic to assist the general public when it comes to recycling day.