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Plastics and trade in Southern Africa

Sun Plastics is proudly African; with ties to manufacturing in several Southern African countries, we strive to satisfy the needs of our local markets. With the factory based in Botswana – the heart of Southern Africa – single and co-extruded flexible packaging are easily accessible to our neighbouring countries.  We believe that local production and […]

Biodegradable Refuse Bags

We are happy to announce the launch of our first retail product: biodegradable refuse bags. After years of R&D in this market segment, we have created a product that has innovated the way we deal with waste – literally. By taking an ordinary household product, we have transformed it into something with added properties and […]

Extended Producer Responsibility Levy

Extended Producer Responsibility Levy

The Extended Producer Responsibility levy (EPR) should be in full swing, which means that all the plastic packaging used in South Africa is being declared and levied according to government regulations. With the funds generated by this scheme, improvements will be made to waste management and recycling infrastructure which would also increase employment in this […]