With the combination of co-extrusion (1- 7 layers) and lamination capabilities, Sun Plastics manufactures materials that can keep your produce fresh and make it stand out against the rest. This includes products such as vacuum bags, metalised pouches, BOPP side gusset bags, and laminated rolls for FFS (form, fill, and seal) applications. These material options allow for the packaging of frozen fruit, dried fruit and nuts, salads, as well as pasteurized vegetables.

How our material benefits the industry:

  • Superior strength and sealing
  • Ideal for IQF applications
  • Optimum barrier properties for extended shelf-life
  • Diverse conversion capabilities
  • 10 colour printing

Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum Bags

Laminated Packaging

Lamination film

Thermoforming Film

Base film

Thermoforming Film

Lidding Film